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Common Questions

How safe is my data?
When you run Skills Workflow in the cloud, your data is protected on a dedicated server. Your data is shielded from any other company.
Do I need to install anything?
The users don't need to install any software. Skills Workflow runs in any browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer...) in any platform (Mac, Windows, iPad...). As long as the user has access to a browser, the user can log in and access the company's data. The user can also install the mobile APP in the smartphone, either Android or iPhone (native).
Can I install it in my company or does it run in the cloud?
Skills Workflow can run on premises or in the cloud. Ideally, Skills Workflow is used in the cloud as a convenience to your company. But, if you have policy constraints that force you to run it on your own servers, then Skills Workflow can be installed locally.
How do upgrades work?
We produce new features and changes every month. These upgrades are deployed independently to each client. You may opt in or out of any upgrade. The upgrades are done automatically and transparently to your company (either in the cloud or on premisses). You just have to authorize the upgrade.
How do I limit the access to the information?
Skills Workflow controls every bit of your information in terms of accesses. You can specify who sees what inside the company. Access can be set by client, company, department and feature.
Does Skills Workflow integrate with the financial ERP my company uses?
Skills Workflow integrates with any financial system (ERP or accounting). Out of the box, Skills Workflow is already prepared to integrate seamlessly with the most popular ERPs (SAP, Microsoft Navision, Sage...). If you don't own any of these ERPs, we produce the integration with your own ERP.
What type of reports can I get through Skills Workflow?
Skills Workflow offers numerous views and reports about client information, such as management, billing, quotes, timesheets and projects. It allows rapid analysis of data. Managers can easily visualize reports in a browser, anytime, anywhere. The reports can be shared with others, can be opened in excel, or send by email.
Is it possible to do any customizations?
Yes. We adapt Skills Workflow to your own needs. The platform is highly customizable. We tailor the product to your company's processes and needs.