Main Features

Get to know ‘Skills’ and increase your
company's productivity.

Team collaboration on Projects and Jobs

‘Skills’ automatically manages the timing of the project´s different deliveries. With ‘Skills’ you get the teams truly collaboration. It allows you to manage the budgets of different providers and to send them between companies of the same group.


‘Skills’ is a state-of-the-art CRM system that allows you to centralize contacts, data and key dates. The software helps you track business development progress, by integrating leads, actions, prospects and contacts with your daily processes.


Proposals are created automatically, based on the distribution of tasks per project. Timesheets are registered automatically as soon as a task is completed. They are intuitive and automated. Time yourself! Timesheets have never been easier to do.


Get ‘Skills’ anytime, anywhere. Don’t rely on your desktop only! Check your calendar and tasks for the week, increase your contact database and control and create timesheets. Approve important budgets, insert and approve expenses, get an overview of your projects, volume, profitability and margins.

Project's Gantt

Skills automatically generates and updates your project's Gant charts. Constantly manage your client using Gant charts.

Works on any device

PC or mac, mobile or tablet, android or IOS. ‘Skills’ is a cloud, web and mobile technology that runs on any device. Access all and any of your data anytime and anywhere.